Christmas in Britain

Christmas is a very important festival and traditional festival in Britain especially for families.
Do you know that..?
Most families have a Christmas Tree in their house. It’s a family occasion where everybody helping.
The Christmas Tree has a German origin: Queen Victoria’s German husband, Prince Albert brought one to Windsor castle for the Royal family.
Lights at Christmas represent Christ as the light of the world.
Most villages towns and cities are decorated with Christmas lights.
Christmas Eve
The night before Christmas is called Christmas Eve.
Children believe that Father Christmas or Santa Claus leaves presents in stockings hung by the fire by them.
Children leave a cup of milk and some biscuits to thank him.
Christmas Day
Families have a big dinner at lunch time. The traditional meals in England are:
- Christmas pudding: a cake where you find a chocolate money;
- Potatoes and turkey.
The dinner table is decorated with a Christmas Cracker for each person: it’s a tube where you can find a present or a joke.
There are also flowers and candles.
Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe are used to decorate homes or other buildings.