In England people haven’t got time to cook their breakfast so they eat very simple food like people in Italy.They eat cereal with milk or a slice of toast with butter and marmalade with orange juice. At the weekend parents cook special breakfast like bacon and eggs or toast with sausages,bakedbeans,mushroom and tomatoes.It depends where you come from.You eat this food with a big mug of tea.In Ireland all the days people eat a special breakfast,usually with eggs,bacon or fried potatoes with special black sausage called black pudding.In Wales breakfast includes laverbread.It’s a green sea vegetable, this is very great with eggs and bacon.In Scotland breakfast name is porridge.You cook oatmeal with water and milk and put sugar on it.Sometimes Scottish people cook fish called kippers.British breakfast is different by England,Ireland,Wales and Scotland.One of the most important food in the UK is the roll.It’s a traditional British breakfast.The recipe is this: first you cut the roll and toast,next wash a few mushrooms or tomatoes and cut them into slices.Then cook a frying pan with butter.Next fry the bacon and eggs.Put in the roll one slice of bacon and egg.After put in the roll mushrooms or tomatoes.The roll is great with orange juice or tea.

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